My Adventures in Tinderland: Tinder & the city

In Love, Think

It had been a slow month in terms of Tinder adventures. I was sticking to my monogamous ideology of chatting to one girl at a time and seeing how that pans out before moving onto the next one, if that failed. This left me talking to Orlagh for a while: she was perfectly pleasant and interesting, but our conversations were slow and whilst we had vaguely floated around the idea of going on a date, there didn’t seem to be a convenient time for the both of us. Our slow conversation gradually dried up and left me feeling mildly deflated – online dating is never a fun pursuit, but this had come across as a chore.

This whole mentality changed when a new world of opportunity made itself available; I am abandoning my lonely wooden tower in the countryside to do a month of freelance work in London town. Suddenly a plethora of new people are within three miles of me to pursue [Ed: pursue?].

Now feels like the time to throw caution to the wind. In the countryside I am in no rush to see where each quest will take me, yet I am only in London for a month. By the end of that month I want to have left no stone unturned and for no opportunities to have been squandered. In throwing caution to the wind, I am now bringing a sense of urgency to my love life. I used to try to play it cool by waiting for a few hours or a couple of days before responding; now it is rare for me to go more than an hour without responding.

The first positive I found with Tinder in London was the sheer quantity of people around you. In my West Country home, there was a total of three people within one mile of me when I first used Tinder – one of whom was my best friend’s sister. I can search for matches within a mile of Hammersmith and be swiping left or right for hours. As a result I may actually leave some stones unturned, but I will give it my best effort for the next month.

It seems to be working – within twelve hours I had two matches. One I’ve begun talking to; the other is a Chinese girl whose bio tells me that ‘Western guys like young-looking Asian girls’ and that she ‘needs to be shown generational differences’. Puzzled by this, I have decided to hold fire on her for now and see how my other pursuits develop.