My Adventures in Tinderland – The Trojan Horse

In Love, Think

Here I find myself in the twenty-first century: young, single and in possession of a smartphone. “Try Tinder,” my happily coupled friends chorus at me. I know they are trying to trick me; I’m sure that Tinder will ultimately transpire to be just another outlet for the single man to publicly humiliate himself in this cruel, twisted world in which we live.

My understanding is that Tinder is pretty much Grindr for straight boys and girls. I am not terribly familiar with Grindr, but I had been led to believe it is an app to find single strangers near you, flirt with them and then embarrass yourself in some way. Single or not, this is not happening to me. A single friend (probably also trying to trick me) one day let on that Tinder is actually fun, a great way to meet single people and, most importantly, not that intimidating.


And so I caved. On a mundane Thursday evening, I got bored of Angry Birds and decided, mainly out of curiosity, to investigate Tinder. Before I knew it, the app had downloaded and I found myself staring at the welcome screen. The welcome screen makes it all seem so simple; just look at how easy it was for those people to set up a date with one another. Whilst I doubted I would be able to have a free-flowing conversation with such an amicable outcome as this in a million years, I decided to go ahead and link it up to my Facebook.

I then realised how simple it was to use Tinder – within a couple of minutes I had gone from playing Angry Birds to online dating. I have no qualms with this, having chronicled my experiences on last year, yet I can imagine that there are some people, convinced that they’d never go near online dating, who have found themselves downloading Tinder out of sheer curiosity. After all, it takes two minutes and then you’re in; you’ve signed in with Facebook and you really do find yourself in the online dating world. That one game of Angry Birds escalated pretty quickly.

1.2If you want to take Tinder seriously then it does take a little bit more effort to spruce up your profile, especially if your Facebook profile is as sparsely populated as mine, and Tinder seems to have accessed your Facebook profile from some time near Christmas (see above, left). After 30 minutes of editing my profile to make it mildly appealing (see above, right) I was ready to go. Time to get match making.

Be sure to find out how that goes next Thursday…

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