My Adventures in Tinderland: Could Well Be In?

In Love, Think

Here it was then. Now was the time to step out of the anonymous landscape of dating through a mobile phone and put it into practice in the real world. I had a real, face-to-face date – the first date I’d been on in six months. My date was a girl called Kate*, who I introduced you to last week.

I arrived at the pub just before 8pm, ordered my pint and took a seat in the corner. The pub’s clock was directly in my eye line and I watched the minutes continue to tick by – it was inescapable. Eventually, at 8:10pm, Kate arrived and explained that she had arrived ten minutes earlier, not seen me in the corner, become nervous and gone outside to recompose herself before returning. Mercifully, she seemed even more nervous than me about the whole date.

After I bought her a drink and we talked and talked and talked. It was easy. It was, dare I say, almost fun. Her body language throughout was very positive – my mind kept replaying The Streets’ song ‘Could Well Be In

I saw this thing on ITV the other week that said that if she plays with her hair she’s probably keen. She’s playing with her hair well regularly, so I reckon I could well be in.

She was playing with her hair well regularly. Could I be in?

We continued to happily chat but I had an issue wrecking havoc with the back of my mind: ‘this conversation is fun, but are we meant to step this up another level? If so, how?’ I was unprepared, having not been on a date in such a long time that I felt a little lost. I chose to forget about this – we were having a great time and worrying wouldn’t help anything.

Our evening was drawing to a close. I panicked, feeling like I should give more of an indication of affection, so I looked into her eyes, took her hands and made her aware that the evening had been fun and that I’d like to see her again. Considering how nervous and rusty I felt over the course of the evening, it felt like the evening had been a success.

The next day I texted Kate to let her know that the evening had been fun. I light-heartedly apologised for being a little cold, explaining that I was nervous and hadn’t been on a date in a while and re-emphasised that I would like to meet again. It seems she didn’t feel the same way: almost one week on and there’s been no response. Back to Tinder I go to meet the next ‘one’ then.

*Names changed to protect the victims

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