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“Beauty in simplicity” describes ‘Chalo Chalo’, developed by Dutch Indies Richard Boeser and Tomasz Kaye. They have both found a new and contemporary way to look at racing games.

Chalo Chalo is a four player multiplayer game where players are pitted against each other on a randomly generated map where they have to reach the goal which happens to be a shining orb. Sounds simple right? Here is where it gets interesting: players are not limited in where they can go, there is no set track to stick to, but there are different terrains that impact how fast you can move (green/black) or how much control you have (white).

Richard Boeser describes his inspiration for the game being born out of a practical situation when he went camping- “We wanted to go from point A to point B, we knew that there was a road heading there, but we also knew that there was a short cut through foliage, so we decided to take the shortcut, which ended up being really slow. This triggered an idea of a simple mechanic that would be interesting question: “Is the shorter route fastest if the terrain is different?” It is interesting if people could judge what would be the quickest route across different terrain. That was the basic start of Chalo Chalo and what it should be. From that it grew and things like randomly generated terrain appeared, so people can’t learn the maps by heart and they really would need to pay attention and plan ahead before every game.”

The game also features powerups that can aid players; these are randomly generated before each match and players have to pick one of four available powerups which can range from speed boost to teleportation.Kaye shares his idea for future development: “We want to make it more streamlined, where the experience can be smooth and without abruptions in game and more intuitive for new players”

Chalo Chalo is primarily intended as a local multiplayer game and has been very popular during showcase events such as AMAZE.

Boeser and Kaye have stumbled on a really simple but extremely effective idea, offering a unique and contemporary game that’s easy to get in to. It proves to be interesting and challenging with each play. I think that is a sure recipe for success.

“At the moment we are not in a hurry and we want to let it grow and see where it goes” says Boeser.

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Richard Lakucs

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