Liam Coleman

Liam is the only professional cliché writer left in the journalism industry. Gonzo’s resident expert on all things Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Arsenal FC and beyond, he is also a sometime contributor to FourFourTwo, ITV Sport and The Nottingham Post.


Josh Franks

This Josh Franks is a fifth-generation clone of the original Josh Franks, who was sent from the year 2059 to bring about the swift, merciless destruction of the human race. This particular version lives in London working for Cancer Research UK, claiming that this is all part of the plan. Somewhere amidst all this, he finds time to be Gonzo’s Watch Editor.


Dave Jackson

Having stopped writing anything meaningful at least a year ago, Dave still maintains that he is waiting to find his muse. In between his crises of confidence, however, he has been known to write some articles worthy of moderate interest.


Ben McCabe

An old man – strictly liquor, love and lies – Ben has lived, worked and studied in the UK, France, Portugal and Spain. A jaded hack by profession, he has also been gainfully employed as a copywriter, filmmaker and part-time designer.


Helena Murphy

An English graduate from the University of Nottingham, Helena is an NCTJ qualified journalist and works on all things digital at Ministry of Sound. Her various loves, in no particular order, are travel, music, coffee and Alaskan huskies.


Hannah Pupkewitz

A History and English graduate from the University of Nottingham, Hannah is interested in travel, feminism, politics, film and current affairs. She likes all things Alice in Wonderland. Dislikes all things David Cameron. She has travelled through India, Brazil, Europe and South Africa as well as spending time in Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania in East Africa.


Emma Charalambous

Emma takes photographs.

Hannah Coleman

Hannah Coleman is a ‘theoretical’ physicist at the University of Gallifrey but spends most of her time on Earth. She spent many months as an undercover Soviet spy in obscure South Eastern European countries, waiting for the Cold War to return. It didn’t. Her other talents include pretending to speak Bosnian and being able to do 50 consecutive kick-ups.


Joel Davie

Joel occasionally emerges from whatever book he’s reading, but only to buy more books, drink some beer, or write. He begrudges having to use computers. Employed by two libraries and the owner of a good 3,000 books himself, he has impressively managed to avoid papercuts since his childhood.

Isabel Davies

Isabel is a Charizard rider, innuendo maestro and the off-screen partner in crime of Nathan Drake. After spending a year with Disney Interactive, she plans to continue her journey to become the biggest business and legal mind in gaming. She thinks writing for the Gonzo will encourage her down this sacred path.

Francis Gardiner

Francis is a philosophy postgraduate, with a history attempting to understand and order fringes of music; specifically those electronic, experimental and abstract.


Phoebe Harkin

Ben James

My name is Ben James. I’m 22 years old. I have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust. I write about Music, Film, Television & other such distractions. And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can read my articles and even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable. I simply am not there.


Eric John

Eric has a Masters degree in Something Sciencey™ but now prefers to see himself as a creative. Jumping off the fast track to postgraduate ennui, he decided to become a copywriter in advertising. He is fluent in sarcasm and German. Allegedly, he used to run an award-winning student magazine.


Ed Lauder

A graduate from Royal Holloway, Edward lives in a dark dream world protecting the citizens of Paris from seeing bad films. He was subjected to studying French cinema at university and subsequently fell in love with everything to do with the craft – not as a result of studying hard but just spending too much time in the multiplex in Staines.


Julia Lazenbatt

Ebenezer Mack

Eb Mack is a surrealist visual noise artist and hypocrite who fled to Spain in the early part of the new millennium. A frequently rejected author, he considers himself a one-man political and cultural tirade against the human condition. He is known as the only person yet to have successfully claimed expenses from this publication.

Alex Neely

A French and Russian student at the University of Nottingham, Alex is currently on his year abroad, spending time in Paris and Moscow. He enjoys the finer things in life: punk-rock, Burnley FC and Rubicon mango juice.


Malcolm Remedios

To this date, very little is known about the English and History graduate, film critic and dream weaver known as Malcolm Remedios. Since his alleged graduation, the name of the former Canadian model has passed into urban legend. Some say he moves from town to town, trading his expertise as a one-time stuntman for a hot meal or bed for the night. If you look for him out on the horizon, he’s probably cruising down the freeway behind the wheel of a Challenger.

Ellis Schindler

Ellis Schindler is a Classical Civ and Philosophy graduate from the University of Nottingham and is now studying the GDL at BPP Law School. In her spare time she is attempting to learn German and enjoys going on holiday and eating.


Joseph Scrimshire

Joseph Scrimshire is a hack for the Sunday Sport. When he isn’t watching Intervention re-runs on YouTube he freelances for Nuts Magazine and, of course, Gonzo.


Charles-Philippe Bowles

Having forgotten when he parked his time machine, Charles-Philippe is currently a film production professional based in Paris during the early 21st century. Now moonlighting as the Paris Correspondent of, he is a passionate adept of all things sartorial as well as the silver screen


Tom Watchorn

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