Five Titles Every 3DS Owner Needs

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Owning a 3DS gives you access to a massive wealth of fantastic first-party titles, and with many more exciting releases coming to the West, it’s a console that shows no sign of slowing down since its debut three years ago. It’s hard to whittle down to just five titles, but here are a core set of games that every player should have:

Mario Kart 7: Mario Kart 8 may be dazzling users on the Wii U, but Mario Kart 7 is a thrilling and refreshing entry into the Kart franchise, whose popularity is still evident by the amount of players still thrashing about on online multiplayer. The 3D is used beautifully and the amount of new content is fantastic; it’s certainly one of the best Mario Kart games there’s been.

Fire Emblem Awakening: Massively refined from its predecessors, it is the turned-based strategy game that teaches the player the hard lessons of love and loss. The amount of detail and possibilities in this game are astounding, and the depth of storytelling and characterisation is a welcome treat.

Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: A winning combination of A Link to the Past nostalgia and a new vein of action and entertainment. The puzzles are diverse and extremely satisfying and the world of Hyrule is as colourful and imaginative as it ever has been. For new players, it’s easy and fun to pick up and the long-time fans will find this a hugely enjoyable entry to canon.

Animal Crossing New Leaf: A perfect portable game that you can dip into and out of for many, many months; it’s feel-good, cuddly and completely addictive. Being mayor adds a whole new level of activities that previous versions lacked, and online multiplayer is fantastic fun – leaving you to fish, scavenge, dive and much more with your friends.

Pokemon X/Y: Worth buying just to watch your already epic Pokemon mega-evolve.  The world looks beautiful, the soundtrack is on point and the online functions are massively expanded from anything we’ve seen before for Pokemon. It’s the same central experience, but far sleeker.

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