Forget Gaza, what about The Great Hedgerow Invasion of Wotton-Under-Edge?

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A British man has demonstrated the country’s complete lack of self-awareness by comparing a few overgrown verges in Wotton-Under-Edge to a disaster zone.

In a statement that many of those currently trapped in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would probably find excessive, if they could find the time to check the internet between bombardments, a local resident of the quiet English town Paul Barton has bemoaned the lack of maintenance of the town’s paths and walkways.

As well as potholes, it is also noted that at times it is only possible for one person to walk down a road at a time. There have not, at present, been reports of aerial bombardment, although some residents have complained about pollen levels.

“The residents of Synwell find it shocking that, behind the façade of the neat grass areas and flowers on the approaches to Wotton that gives us visitors such a good impression, the reality is – for some communities – very different,” he comments, in a statement made to The Gazette. “Synwell Hill looks like a disaster movie set.”

Efforts to reach a member of the community in Gaza for their thoughts on the matter ended in failure after hundreds of people died before they could give comment. One can only presume that efforts are currently being focused on pressuring the Prime Minister to free up aid for the Middle East in favour of an investment in better hedge-trimming machines in Gloucestershire. After all, charity does begin at home.

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