Gove might be gone, but beware vampires pretending to be rabbits

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Memorandum: Cabinet reshuffle… Gove demoted… beware of vampires pretending to be rabbits…

Finally, Gove has been given the job he’s been practising for during the last four years. While he can now move on from whipping teachers to the loftier task of whipping MPs (I presume they let him keep his cane), it might be a little too early to hope for any reversals when it comes to his policies  if our new education secretary’s voting record is anything to go by.

Much of the press attention focused on Cameron’s latest antagonist-in-chief for the education sector has relied on stoking up a furore over her opposition to equal rights (which is partially correct) and raising welfare benefits in line with price increases. However, it has remained silent on her opinions on the job she has been tasked with.

Morgan has toed the party line entirely when it comes to education, voting for reducing government control over schools, for increasing academy numbers, for university tuition fees (thank goodness Willets has gone, by the way), and for ending financial support in the form of EMA for 16 – 18 year old students. Same policies, same opinions.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers has welcomed the appointment, but I fear that they might well be naïve to expect any change of course. This one might act like a nicer person, but she’s a party line adherent to the bone. Watch out for fangs.

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