Justin Plunkett: Dystopian worlds of odds and ends

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In the dystopian world of our collective imagination, which, let’s face it, we’ve had a massive hard-on for as a society since Orwell’s 1984, we tend to focus on the people. Who they are, why it went wrong. Why a society turns to oppression of the weak as the only way to preserve civilisation for the strong. We rarely wonder what such a space would look like.

© Justin Plunkett

Enter Justin Plunkett, a South African designer based in Switzerland, whose Con/struct project looks at the transformation of urban areas into dystopian wastelands. He uses his own photography to create digital dreamscapes – some beautiful, some dark, all of them using shipping containers, roof sheeting and even car tyres.

© Justin Plunkett

Con/struct ran at the Cabinet gallery in South Africa earlier this year. You can find out more about Plunkett here.

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