My love letter to the planet

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Sometimes, you see something so beautiful it lends credence to the phrase “takes your breath away.”

Sebastião Salgado’s Genesis exhibition, housed at the Casa dei Tre Oci International Photography Centre in Venice, is a stunning testimonial to humankind.

A photographer of Brazilian origin, Salgado uses black and white photography to expose our planet in its immensity, its enormity and its diversity.

In the end, the only heritage we have is our planet, and I have decided to go to the most pristine places on the planet and photograph them in the most honest way I know, with my point of view.

Genesis is inspired by a desire to preserve our environment, to explore what we have been, and what we are today. It was developed over eight years, during which Salgado travelled to five continents and took thousands of photographs.



The images range from portraits of indigenous men and women, to sweeping landscapes and intricate fauna and flora.

The various rooms of the exhibition lead you through forests in the Congo, New Guinea and Indonesia, to glaciers in Antarctica and the snowy landscapes of Alaska, to deserts in America and Africa.

Salgado’s photographs tell stories of human lives, of communities and individuals, yet they also stand separately in their own right, with fierce independence.

As you wander through Salgado’s collection of images, it seems they are pieces of an impossibly large and haphazard jigsaw puzzle. This is the story earth and of mankind.




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