Minimal Heroes

In Look

The days of finely illustrated and infinitely detailed design are over. And good riddance. Hail the emerging trend of flat design: a minimalistic aesthetic that embraces bold and bright values. It is clean, crisp and more than a little easy on the eye.


The superheroes of our time are in a continual cycle of renewal and evolution: Batman’s gadgets have become progressively techy while Iron Man has developed an intimidatingly badass suit over the years.

Minimal Heroes, a concept designed and executed by a French graphic designer/illustrator by the name of Bunka, re-imagines our beloved superheroes with a minimalistic essence.


I love the crisp, simple design, devoid of unnecessary ornamentation. The vivid colours scream PAY ME ATTENTION and, despite the flatness of design, they pop from the screen with bold immediacy.


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