Sex in the Zombie Apocalypse – Telltale’s The Walking Dead

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After Clementine discovers Luke and Jane post-sexy times in The Walking Dead: Season 2, Dave and Isabel debate whether sex in a zombie apocalypse is ever a good idea. . .

ID: I was not pleased when I saw Luke and Jane together in Amid The Ruins; Luke for being wildly irresponsible, and Jane for “offering”. My reaction was similar to the one I picked for Clementine, (although certainly a little more of Kenny’s tone): “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!” Kenny isn’t always right, far from it, but I was totally on his team here; there are bigger problems in that moment than Luke and Jane getting their quick fix. I liked both Luke and Jane hugely up until this point, but my respect for them was somewhat marred.

DJ: I’m not sure Kenny is allowed to say anything at all after he saved Duck in the very first episode and promptly fucked off, leaving Shawn Greene to die horribly. Taking one last chance for a decent lay in the middle of an apocalypse pales in comparison to leaving somebody to die while saving your own. Kenny’s default manoeuvre is to run away and blame other people for his problems, so he’s got no right to stop Luke from getting his rocks off. In fact I think Luke justifies himself entirely: “I mean, look around you, okay? Everything is shit. So forgive me for wantin’ to enjoy one moment of somethin’ else!” He’s right – he’s got a horrible death ahead of him. Can’t blame him for taking the opportunity when it, er, came.

ID: When your job is to watch the perimeter for walkers so the rest of the group can get on with doing their assigned tasks- you go and watch the perimeter. The problem isn’t really Luke and Jane sleeping together, it’s the fact that everyone else was relying on them- and nearly got them killed! I don’t care how hard you are; you do your job first. You’re right – Luke wanted escape – I’m sure everyone would love to get laid in a zombie-infested world where most people are moving corpses. But these two really picked a terrible moment. I don’t see why they couldn’t have waited until the rest of their group- including the woman who’s about to give birth- were taken care of.

DJ: In a zombie apocalypse, is there ‘ever’ an appropriate moment for carnal desire? It’s all very well saying that they could ‘do it later’ – but firstly, who knows what their moods will be later? Enough time staring at Kenny’s messed up eye socket (or just Kenny full stop) would surely be a serious erection terminator. Secondly, it would just be pitiful having to watch Luke – and it would be Luke, knowing him – pestering Jane for episode after episode. “Can we do it nowww?” Go with the moment, and regret it later – always a sound strategy, and one which I’ve employed on many an occasion.

ID: How about trying to get an erection after your omissions nearly kill your group? Now THAT’S a real erection killer. Plus, who wants to risk bringing another baby into the world in its current state? I doubt contraception is readily available- in a zombie world you’ve got to be doubly practical. Seeing Rebecca heavily pregnant, struggling to travel and die within days of giving birth would be enough to make any girl cross her legs; Jane is the last woman I’ve met in the game who’d want to be saddled with a child. Sure, Alvin Junior is cute, but unless you’re in the most protected human settlement around, you really don’t want to be trying to look after yourself, the rest of the group and this tiny person that needs to be specially fed several times a day. I know Luke probably pulled out (and probably had to peel himself off that patch of floor in the morning) which lowers that risk slightly – but at the end of the day he deserted those who needed him. If these two young things want to go and have a bang, don’t do it when your actions could endanger the whole group.

DJ: For the record, we don’t know exactly what they did back there. For all the hullaballoo about potential pregnancies, they had many options/orifices at their disposal to avoid having another Alvin Jr. They lasted long enough in that wilderness, I’m sure they were pretty resourceful.

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