Super Sisi – The Saviour of the Egyptian people

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El Sisi will lead you in the fantastic world of Egypt

Not my words. These are the words on the Google Play store that describe Super Sisi  – the game that portrays Egypt’s next likely ruler as a superhero cruising above the Cairo landscape.

This might seem puzzling to our typically apolitical British mindset. Sure, we care about everything being well in our nation and we mostly have our own political allegiances, but I don’t foresee anyone creating a game that portrays Ed Miliband as a super-deity coming to the rescue of our financially bedraggled nation any time soon.

This, however, is Egpyt and politics has been a pretty big deal in Egypt – literally a matter of life and death for many – since the Arab Spring hit in January 2011 and Hosni Mubarak was ousted as president. Islamist Mohamed Morsi became Egypt’s first democratically elected president in June 2012 and the second democratically ousted president in August 2013. His chief ouster was Abdel Fattah el-Sisi: a man, who has since become the scourge of half the Egyptian nation and is considered the saviour by the other half.

The result of el-Sisi’s divisive nature is that there is propaganda throughout Egypt both exalting and vilifying him. In Egypt you can thus now buy a vast variety of propaganda, including pro-Sisi underpants. The latest in pro-Sisi propaganda is this game, Super Sisi, where you tap the screen to keep Sisi’s plane flying (á la Flappy Bird) as he accumulates coins and dodges balls on chains and missiles – the latter of which is rather tasteless considering the recent spate of attacks on figures of authority in Egypt.

As for the actual game play itself, it is initially slightly addictive and then cripplingly infuriating and terrible.  The soundtrack (a generic Middle Eastern military tune) is on a five second loop and if you fly “Super Sisi” for more than 250M, the game will crash and not save your high score. Yet the point of Super Sisi is not to provide subtly glorious game play, but to further deify the likely next president of Egypt and on that front, I guess the game is a success.

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