My Adventures in Tinderland: Panic and Prejudice

In Love, Think

Hey (:

There are more constructive ways to start a conversation, yet this was how Anne chose to introduce herself to me. True to my principle of getting in contact with girls who contacted me first, I set about creating a more imaginative conversation with Anne. She joked in her bio that she enjoyed “shooting people” with a camera. I therefore decided to delve into her interest in photography a little bit further by making conversation about that.

Anne and I continued to have a pleasant enough conversation, as we expressed an interest in each other’s hobbies. It was admirable, but I wouldn’t go further than that and it was a long way from exciting; ultimately the conversation just felt a little bit forced and unnatural. This, coupled with the fact that it transpired the GPS on my phone had gone AWOL – Anne did not reside 8 miles from me, but rather 60 miles away – made me decide that this was an ultimately fruitless pursuit.

So I just stopped responding. At one point she sent me a message and I just didn’t get back to her. In hindsight, I could have been a little bit more graceful and tactful here. In fact, I have guilt tripped myself. Time to move on.

Heyy how’s it going?

Now that’s more constructive – it’s actually given me a question to answer. I took the bait and was suddenly deep in conversation with a girl called Kate. From the off, it seemed we had a reasonable amount in common; we both enjoyed grumbling about how busy and exhausted we both were the entire time.

We had a rapport, so when Kate broke that rapport and didn’t respond to one of my messages for a few hours, I panicked. I wondered if she was off building a rapport with someone else and so, in an envious frenzy, I initiated conversation with half of my other matches. A few hours later, Kate returned and I was left feeling more than a little bit bashful. We continued to chat and have now lined up a date in the next few days.

As for the other conversations I started, well, I’m initially taking a monogamous approach to Tinder. I’m therefore just going to leave those people waiting on me for now. Again, probably not terribly smart or tactful, but I will make my excuses on that front when I need to. Right now, my mind is set on the date. Time to prepare…

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